I had the pleasure of treating myself to a few goodies. I stopped by one of my new fave spots, The Epiphany Boutique, and bought some “sexy wear”. Just fyi: these dresses look better on me than on the mannequin lol And I’ll definitely post some pics with me in it whenever I wear the things♥ I got some shoegasmic worthy shoes and 2 nice dresses… one of which has this amazing full zipper which Ive adoringly deemed the “easy access” dress. Im wearing it tonight when we hit up Club Nocturnal VIP style thanx to 99JAMZ♥

Wait… did I mention I won some tickets on the radio this morning??! I was the 9th caller at 7am… talk about dedication LOL Anywho… I won 2 VIP tickets to Club Nocturnal for their 2 day Spring Break ish, 2 VIP Tickets to Club Atrium for Saturday, and entry for 2 to see this movie “The Lincoln Lawyer” starring my white husband Matthew Mcconaughey and hits theatres March 18th♥ Yaaaaay me! We also bought PowerBall tickets… feeling lucky. lol

Ok… back to regularly scheduled programming.


I got a pair of these in BLACK♥
I got these in GRAY♥
I got this in BLACK... and it looks muuuuuuuuuch better than this picture lol
This is HAWT♥

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