ReCap from 3/5/11♥

So just a recap of everything that has been going on:

On Saturday (3/5) the Miami Young Wives Club had the pleasure of feeding the homeless. We assisted the lovely people of the Broward Outreach Center in feeding the men, women, and children that live at the shelter there. It was a veeeeeeeeery rewarding experience. We were able to talk with the residents there and it really felt good to be of help. We’re planning to go again in the near future♥

You never realize how lucky and blessed you are until you meet those who havent been as fortunate. We take so many things for granted… this experience was definitely a learning one. I was able to speak to a woman there who was pregnant and going into labor at any moment. She was accompanied by her 2 sons (age 3 and 2). They were the cutest kids ever. Too often we dont realize how good we have it… I complained throughout my pregnancies (BOTH) because I was nauseas always and just annoyed. BUT I wasnt homeless. I wasnt living in a shelter. I was clothed in my right mind… I had shelter… I had food to consume at my every beck and call even if I threw up afterward. My children have never had to experience life in those conditions. Its really an eye-opener. Every woman there was very receptive of us and spoke openly to us all. It was great to see the world through their eyes. Even in their circumstance, they realize how blessed they are because some arent able to get into a shelter. We all have reason to give thanks and this experience was a gentle reminder of how great God has been for each of us♥


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