Anniversary ReCap♥

As you all know, the hubby and I celebrated 2 years of marriage this past Wednesday (3/9). As a part of our anniversary celebration, we attened Kevin Hart’s comedy show on Sunday. It was HILARIOUS. As expected, Kevin Hart had me rolling! There were 3 other comedians who set the stage for him and they were all super funny also. I loved the show. Upon arrival, we ran into MYWC member Nina and her husband who caught the earlier show. Heeeeeeeeeey Nina! I wish we wouldve took her advice and skipped drinks… 2 drinks cost us $42 and some change. smh

Anywho… on our anniversary, we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Miami: Red Lobster. I say in Miami because in Ga we fell in love with Longhorn BUT the cooks there are better and the food is NOT the same at the Longhorn’s we’ve visited down here. Nope… not at all. Anywho, we had a nice dinner at Red Lobster. I got my all time favorite, shrimp scampi and steak. MMMMMMMMMmmmmm. I can taste it now. The hubby had steak and lobster. ♥ We had a nice talk over dinner… and I feel so good about what the future has in store for us. We have made it to a point we both felt we wouldnt make it to… God has blessed us to be together at the 2 year mark of marriage and if we live to see, we will be celebrating 8 years total this August♥

My Hubby♥
My Sexy Self♥
Wait... did I mention this COLLOSAL SIZED BAHAMA MAMA!?

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