I am sooooo excited! This morning, the beautiful wives of The Miami Young Wives Club will be feeding the homeless! Yaaaay! I have never done this before… outside of delivering meals on Thanksgiving to the homeless of Overtown and OpaLocka. I cannot wait to get there. It may seem crazy but I have always wanted to feed the homeless in this capacity and never had the opportunity to do so. This is simply the beginning of a gazillion wonderful things in store for MYWC. We are well on our way… I cannot thank God enough for putting this vision in my head and heart. I know MYWC is going to be HUGE and I cannot wait for my dreams to come to fruition. ♥

I love being a part of the Miami Young Wives Club. We are all truly beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, passionate women who happen to be amazing wives also. ♥ I think amazing wife Vikki said it best “Changing the world one “I do” at a time”♥ If you have not done so… visit our official website http://www.miamiyoungwivesclub.org/. Stay tuned… follow our movement♥

Just a few of us♥

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