“I am on a drug… its called Charlie Sheen!”

The drug...lol

I really dont know whats going on… all I can say is his quotes are hilarious. This guy has truly lost it. The sad part about the humor in this is the fact that I think he is truly suffering from some form of mania. He has clearly lost his marbles… and instead of people trying to locate them for him, they insist on granting these ridiculous interviews and parading him around.  It really baffles me though because in the midst of all of his bafoonery, he maintains a sense of awareness.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

This spectacle cannot be conducive to the return of his children to his custody. IDK what he’s thinking… which shows that he ISNT thinking.

Charlie Sheen has officially made my prayer list.

I encourage you to pray for his well-being as well… if not for the sake of his children, then just because.

Laugh now… pray also


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