Did I Mention…

I finished reading the book I started yesterday. Yep… it was definitely a page-turner. The ending was truly unsuspected. I guessed it… and failed miserably. Anywho… great book. Pick it up at your local library 🙂

Now… Im reading “Any Minute” by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford. I lined up my top 4 choices and let the hubby pick my next read. He chose this one. Ive already knocked down 58 pages. If sleep doesnt come as quickly as I imagine it should, Im going to read until it arrives. So far this book is good… very descriptive and realistic. Very important characteristics for a novel Im reading to have. Its about a woman (married with child) who is a workaholic. She gets into a horrible accident where her car plunges into a river. Apparently her body cannot be found but her spirit remains very much alive. I got this from the book flap. 🙂 Its not usually one I’d read but Im trying to expand my horizons as I dive into writing my own novel. ♥  


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