I Do… Again♥

Im so excited… we are renewing our vows tomorrow! Woohooo!!!

I am so happy we joined New Birth. There are just so many different ways for us to get involved, renew our spirits, and develop a closer relationship with God. If we had not taken that step back in January, we wouldnt have this opportunity to renew our vows; something we have been dying to do since we got married at the courthouse. Our union has not been a perfect one but we have learned so much about love, marriage, God, and each other these past 2 years. We never got a ceremony… in the church… which Im sure I have mentioned before. This is our chance to create the day we wanted from the beginning…

It truly means a lot to me that we have been given this opportunity to profess our love in front of the entire congregation and to repeat the vows we made before God on March 9, 2009. Im happy that those who genuinely care about my relationship will be in attendance. Those I invited who dont really give a fudge one way or the other wont bother showing up. *shrugs* Life goes on♥

The wives were asked to wear red and the husbands will be wearing black. The hubby has a black linen suit he is wearing and I have a dress I got from Sears. We’re going to be sooooo cute and I am sooooooooo ready to get to church. I may just fall asleep in a few so I dont make time slower by watching the clock. LOL I cant wait to post the pics for you all to see.

Til then♥


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