Marriage Is…

…a full-time job…where ur benefits can be revoked in the blink of an eye. LOL

I enjoy being married… dont get me wrong… BUT sometimes it can be a doozy. Last night, hanging with the ladies made me realize I am not the only woman going through moments of insanity. There seems to be fool in each bloodline…somehow all husbands/men are connected by the common bafoonery gene. And thats ok. God equipped women with the right level of maturity and overall awesome-ness to handle it properly. Most of the time. Sometimes poppin’ off is the only way to end an issue… silence SHOULD let the agressor know that you arent entertaining their foolishness BUT it doesnt always do the trick. Ive truly learned how to bite my tongue during my relationship… Ive learned how to ignore tremendously. lol BUT sometimes I cannot be the sane one. Sometimes I have to lash out just as bad as he does because stupidity begats stupidity. If I have to take off my stilletos and get on his level, then so be it.

Marriage is truly NOT like a regular relationship. Going in I assumed things would be no different. Somewhere between saying I do and kissing me for the first time as his Mrs. the effin switch went from on to off. LOL Luckily, Im not the only person who has endured a flip of the switch. As one wife so eloquently stated “Who are u and where is the man I married?!” lol It is definitely a mission to be a good wife. Dare I say it, Mission Impossible? lol No, it is possible. It takes a lot of removing yourself from the situation and focusing on the bigger picture.

The big picture is this: We said til death do us part… so that leaves 1 of 2 choices: kill you and rot in jail for the rest of my life OR kill u with kindness and keep it moving. I choose the latter… every day I make a concious decision to be cool, calm, and collected. Im not challenged every day… BUT there is always the possibility of bafoonery. Knowing your options helps turn a frown into a smile quickly. I know I want to be married to my husband, I know I am overall happy most of the time, I know that trouble dont last always… and I know I will not allow the devil to get the best of me when he triggers his bafoonery gene. As I sang yesterday…and in the words of Carl Winslow to Steve Urkel “3-2-1  1-2-3 What the heck is bothering me?” NOTHING!

Its truly a full time job… u never get a day off. From the moment you say I do, you are in this thang for the long haul. The benefits package is pretty good but to have those benefits and no day off… eh. LOL Thats why The Miami Young Wives Club is so important to me. Yesterday could have been disastrous…had I not been going to hang out, I may have ended up poppin’ off. DRASTICALLY. Luckily, there was a meetup planned and hanging with the other amazing wives was like a mini vacation…much needed and stress-relieving. I had a blast… I came home, I went to bed, and here I am on this beautiful Saturday enjoying life.  All smiles. Nothing planned today but some R&R.

What are you doing today?


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