Margaritas, Moscato, and MYWC♥ Oh My!

I just had an amazing time with the beautiful ladies of The Miami Young Wives Club! I am soooooooo glad this sisterhood has been formed. Before meeting up tonight, I nearly lost my mind. Truly. The devil was at work and I almost allowed him to get the best of me. BUT I won! 🙂 And boy am I glad I did! These women are the best ever! When we are together nothing else matters… its chill, laughter, conversation, stress FREE. Each and every time we get together its a blast and I cannot wait for the next meetup. In fact, I cant wait for them to post the pics from tonite so I can steal them all. LOL

Two of our newest members came tonight… Nina and Tiffany. I know them both from outside of the group but it was our first time together in an MYWC setting. Needless to say, they fit right in. Its just crazy how well we all get together… we can share stories and relate on levels others wont understand and I love it. We went to Hooters tonight… had some nice alcoholic beverages lol, ate, and talked. Had a blast. Afterwards we went to Sade’s house to chill a little while. A blast on top of a blast. LOL

We surprised Nadine with an anniversary gift. Since she recebtly celebrated her 1 year anniversary (1/19) we got “paper” gifts, which is the traditional gift-giving item for 1 year of marriage. She recieved a book (“The 5 Languages of Love”), note cards with a W monogram to symbolize her last name, and an anniversary greeting card. She was truly surprised which made the moment better than we expected. Another wife, Candace, is also celebrating her 1 year anniversary. Today actually (1/22) since it is beyond midnight now. We prepared to give her a surprise with “paper” gifts as well but she couldnt make it tonight.

All in all, we had a great time. Everyone in attendance has a place in my heart. I am so glad to have found such a great group of women. I love you all!!!



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