ReVerb10: Day 22

December 22 – Travel How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year? (Author: Tara Hunt)

Unfortunately, I didnt travel in 2010. Wait, I take that back. I moved to Georgia for 3 months and during that time I traveled to Miami (looooooooooooooooong road trip) a few times. Other than that, I havent gone ANYWHERE. We usually go to Orlando as a family for vacation in September… BUT that didnt happen this year. As for 2011, I plan to travel my heart away. I have NEVER been on a plane… and I really want to fly somewhere. Maybe from Miami to Ft lauderdale airport just as a test run LOL I want to take a cruise to Cancun, the Bahamas, and other islands. I want to fly to Jamaica and stay for like 2 weeks. I want to go see Niagra Falls, go to Vegas, go somewhere out of state with the ladies and affiliates of MYWC , and take the kiddos on a vacation. Im tired of the same routine… I want to see the world. There is sooooooooo much more than Miami out there. No matter how amazing and beautiful this place looks on television, across that bridge (away from the beach) its a mess. And Im dying to leave and see the world around me ♥


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