Happy Holidays #iguess

I cannot wait for the day I am able to splurge on my children. It is sooo frustrating to go online and see so many things <<mainly clothes>> I would love to get them and realize I cannot just enter my credit card number because “we dont have it like that”. I am beyond annoyed with the stupid question “what are you thinking?”. What Im thinking is simple: Im thinking my children deserve ALL of the amazing clothes and shoes I see online! Im thinking I dont wanna have to check my damn account balance before purchasing every damn thing!! Im thinking if I see something I like for my wonderful children, I should be able to get it! Period. No questions asked. No sideways stares. Its not like Im trying to spend thousands of dollars on items for them… not that I wouldnt if I had it… BUT I know I dont have it like that. It just doesnt make a mther feel like much when she cannot get her kids the things they are truly worthy of. *sigh*



3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays #iguess

  1. Boo, I dont have kids but I know how you feel. I been doing for my lil bro n niece for forever and I be the same way…I mean, we know they appreciate what we do for them but as a parent u just want to do so much more. And sometimes I feel like a parent to them both. LOVE U NETTA and with the mind, courage, and determination you have, you will reach that day! 🙂

  2. Thanx guys… these comments helped♥

    I just get in my feelings sometimes… starting to embrace this “I-am-human” thing. lol I know the lil munsters will love Christmas regardless. Its just an ego thing. Lucky for me… they love me unconditionally. And after 2 births with no epidural or pain meds, THEY BETTER BE HAPPY! lol

    Love you both♥

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