… cause if you dont, you will die. lol

I am floating right now… its crazy because this time yesterday I was struggling with some issues. Personal… so, I wont divulge details. BUT I was having a hard time with them. Today… I feel like a new woman. I never imagined that a simple talk with my pastor, Rev Thompson, would have such a lasting effect on my entire outlook. The forecast has been dreary with a 80% chance of tears for the longest… and today, its sunny. Im beaming. Life is good. I am hopeful, positive, and I have faith that this is merely the beginning of the rest of my life as Mrs. Gordon.

Last night was an eye opener. Did you know that I am not perfect? LOL Well, I finally got the memo. smh Its rather saddening but I accept that I am (dare I say it) normal. *gulp* I read a lot of scriptures last night… One in particular, Rev Thompson suggested I read: Proverbs 14:1 NIV which reads “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down”. Before reading this scripture I asked God for the wisdom and understanding to get the proper message from it that He wanted me to recieve. After reading it… I understood it completely. No questions asked. I cannot be foolish enough to destroy my own happy home. I have to be that wise woman and build upo the foundation God has laid for my marriage to survive. It was then that I realized I have been foolish. Sure, I could go tit for tat about who has done who wrong x amount of times… and I’d probably win that argument… BUT I have also played a part in the path my marriage has taken… a role I am not proud of… a role I will no longer play.

I also read Proverbs 31… “Who can find a virtuous woman”. This scripture has been planted into my memory for the longest time and rereading it last night I realized many qualities about this woman that I have yet to find in myself. It is my goal to be this woman… ♥ Virtuous… Verses 28 & 29 NIV “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her. Many women do noble things but you surpass them all”. I am usually so focused on how he can be better… and what he needs to do, and I never look inside myself at my shortcomings and faults. God created woman to be a helpmate for man… I like to say he named us WO-MAN because WOE is the MAN who doesnt have a WOMAN lol I desire to be a blessing for my husband… just as I pray he will be a blessing for me. Afterall, we’re in this for the rest of our natural lives… may as well start acting like it♥


2 thoughts on “Breathe…

  1. WOW. this post really spoke to me! *tear* I find myself always trying to be this ‘perfect’ wife and when things don’t go my way, I want to point my finger at my husband. Building up my house, then foolishly tearing it down.. I’ve done that tit for tat thing and I feel like I’m just now learning and trying to put into action the ability to focus on how I can be a good woman and wife– instead of focusing on how my husband can be better. God is working on me! Because that’s not how its supposed to be, lol.

    1. Yea… that foolish woman scripture really spoke to me as well. SMH How long have you been married? We will be 2 years in March. We have been together since high school so it has been a constant journey of growth and struggle. Im glad my journey could help someone. Good luck on ur marriage♥

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