They Say…

…”IMITATION is the best form of flattery”. But what if the imitation is a cheap one? lol

I am beyond flattered that this broad wants to be me. I love being a role model and a source of inspiration. EVen though by now she has surpassed the “Single White Female” mentality, I am still flattered by her foolishness. The sheer audacity and bravery it takes to step outside of the box and aim for such an unattainable goal as being Netta is commendable. I appluad your efforts. Please be advised that although I am flattered, if given the opportunity I will take you out. Period. Not because you are competition in any way, shape, or form but because you have to know that for every action there is a consequence. Its obvious you were not taught values, morals, and standards (or anything for that matter) as a child, so to a certain extent I pity your ignorance and stupidity. However, the side of me that pities you fails in comparison to the side that wants to obliterate you and piss on your grave. So… take heed.

Im not conceited at all but I am confident and that is a trait you have lacked since birth.,, which explains your route down whore-lane. God has blessed ME to have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children. He has blessed ME  to be beautiful AND intelligent. I was raised with morals… and values… and I am NOT nor have I ever been a slut, whore, tramp, or a sex-thang. On the other hand… all of those things apply to you. You have been to one abortion clinic after the other…not knowing who the father of your seed would have been. You have been THAT chick while I have and still am THAT WOMAN… that woman you loooooove to hate and envy. Jealousy is not a good look for you… but then again, nothing looks good on you. Its funny because you try to represent this life you have NEVER had and will  NEVER have. Jimmy Choo shoes… Barbie this, Barbie that… when you are nothing more than a pathetic hoodrat looking for a come up. I have accepted my roles in life as wife, mother, and amazing woman… you should learn to embrace your roles as well: whore, slut, tramp, idiot, hoodrat <<must I continue>>

On that note… I will end. Again, Im flattered. Thanx for tuning in to Keeping Up With The Gordons… and remember you will NEVER have a role in this sitcom. Play your position quietly in the audience… or take option #2: KILL URSELF. ❤


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