Insert Smiley Here

I have truly been enjoying life lately… Idk if the holiday season is really getting to me or what but I have been bubbly and happy and mushy and SMILING. It could be contributed to the abundance of sex I have been having lately LMAO but I dont think thats it <<at least not completely>>. I have been getting good news lately and things are looking up in all areas of my life. God is continuing to bless me…and I love it♥

Black Friday was yesterday and I heard it was bananas. The hubby and I did step out for a minute and went to Dolphin Mall to check out the Forever 21 store there.I bought my little sis a cardigan and some boots from Traffic for her birthday. She’ll be 17 this Thursday, December 2nd. SMH They grow up so fast lol Little Janis is gonna be effin 17-years-old. What is this world coming to!? lol She has boobs and all… <<a C cup by the way lmao>>

On another note, my “twin”‘s reception is today…in a few hours. Mr and Mrs Mathis will be celebrating their recent nuptials in a nice reception. I am doing a poem…and saying a few words as a newlywed/wife. Im looking forward to the festivities. Unfortunately, Terrell went out of town to support his lil bro (Trent). He had a football game in Orlando and Terrell is his #1 fan so I didnt even request that he miss the game. I cant find a single soul to attend the reception with me so Im going SOLO….which pretty much sucks but I wouldnt miss it for the world. I have to be there to support my Twin♥ It starts at 5:30 so Im dropping the kids off to Ms. Anita <<my mother in law>> and then heading to the hall which is cconveinently located not too far from me. Hopefully, I’ll find someone to tag along with me. I hate being cute and alone. LOL

Im still smiling though…. ☺


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