On behalf of mothers everywhere, I would like to send a GIANT kudos to moms everywhere… BUT this kudos is ONLY for those women who can be deemed MILFs. lol I have been noticing lately that moms arent what they used to be. Women used to have children and their entire lives changed… sure, a baby can do this for you BUT I dont mean change in that sense. Im referring to physical changes… women who let themselves go simply because they feel they can blame it on the kids. The classic line: “Its not baby fat. Its fat, baby!” <<Gotta love Mo’esha>>

My friends list on FaceBook is filled with amazing young women who have maintained and IMPROVED their sexy since giving birth. We have started this entire MILF movement. From here on out, I will be giving shouts out to MILFs that I know. Just like I am doing a “Sister Feature” for my sisters, I will be doing a weekly MILF feature. The beauty of #MILFpower is not that you had your child and bounced back. This “power” is not reserved for the slim or the petite. How contradictory would that be for me to only embrace the slim when I am thick and LOVING it!? #MILFpower is for hot moms who are doing their thang… making moves, being an awesome mother, an awesome woman, an awesome student, an awesome employee… an overall AWESOME MILF. Its a bird. Its a plane. No… its SUPER MILF! lol

So… get ready ladies and gents. #MILFpower is here and we are taking over. BRace yourself…. motherhood has NEVER looked this good. 🙂

SN: If you know any MILFs… hit me up and they may make the feature 🙂


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