This is beginning to seem quite bipolar…

But I am happy right now and I wanted to share. No… nothing has changed. Dont ask. However, I did have an interesting conversation with my pastor tonight that helped me feel better about my situation. Frankly, he keeps it real and I can tell him (and do tell him) ANYTHING. Looooooong story short… he directed me to 1 Corinthians 7. In this chapter of the Bible marriages are somewhat broken down… and this little breakdown helped me see where I fit as it stands currently. At this point, Im just going to let things happen and go with the flow. My pastor agrees with me that a serious conversation needs to take place WITH someone else overseeing it… aka counseling. He has once again offered his assistance. We shall see where this goes…

I dont want to push the issue and FORCE anything. I feel divorce is a permanent decision to what could be temporary issues… BUT I also dont want to prolong what just may very well be the inevitable. I have chosen to simply take a few steps back from it all and handle life accordingly. I was hell bent on filing immediately… once more information surfaced… but now Im leaning more towards not doing so. Feeling slightly stupid… BUT the vows I made to God on March 9, 2009 kinda allow me some room for stupidity. “For better or for worse”… and if this aint “..for worse” then I dont know what is. smdh In the end I believe God will work it out to my benefit… and as long as I seek Him before making any decisions, I will be ok in the end. Better yet… I’ll be better than ok. ♥

So… screw sadness. Im SMILING☻


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