Riddle Me This?!

What is a 6 letter word that doesnt mean shit? S-I-S-T-E-R

You just wont believe the foolishness that transpired today… you wont believe it because I still cant believe it. Here’s a little background info: We moved to Atlanta and stayed for about 3 months. Ultimately, we left because he got a job offer here in Miami that we couldnt refuse. Anywho… during our impromptu move we had to leave some stuff behind: our flat screen 42″ tv, our coffee table, 2 side tables, 2 lamps, and about 4  boxes with pictures, important papers, and house stuff. Not to mention the area rug, computer desk, and chair. SO… we sold our bedroom sets to my “sister” for about $300 and the rest of the stuff was to be left there until November 28th when the other “sister” moved out of the place. Lo and behold, the other “sister” moved out early and we had to get our stuff immediately. Looooooong story short: we couldnt get the stuff, the other “sister” took the tv to her place and our other stuff was supposedly thrown out. Right…my “sisters” decided to let my stuff get thrown out.

Anywho… I realized I dont have the kids’ birth certificates with me so I call to see if they saw the papers and found out my “sister” got the rest of our stuff from the apartment. Yaaaaay! Right? No…wrong. Come to find out she expects to keep everything except the boxes… um, where they do that at? Please explain……. I’ll wait. Apparently, since the stuff was going to be thrown out because we couldnt afford to come get it, she thought it was a free for all and she could have the rug, coffee table set, lamps, and computer chair with no problem. Hmmmm… lemme get this straight. Your SISTER cannot afford to get the rest of her things from a state that you LIVE in and instead of being A SISTER and helping her out by moving the things into ur place with EXTRA ROOM for the time being… you decide to say fuck it and help urself to her belongings… belongings she has struggled and paid for. Hmmm… really? Well arent you a piece of fucking sunshine.

NOW… I didnt mention that I OFFERED to pay her back for the Uhaul they supposedly rented to move the stuff to her house. Uhauls cost $45 to rent but apparently hers was a whopping $130. Not only is she unsatisfied with getting reimbursed for moving the stuff… she wants money for time and labor. Okay “sister”… write me a bill and when I get there to get MY shit I will pay you accordingly. SMDH

People wonder why I dont fuck with these females… they wonder… they speculate… they make assumptions based on lies they’ve been told. Netta is ALWAYS the bad guy… but this is my proof. Sister is merely a 6 letter word for those with vaginas that traveled through the same womb and  happened to come out of your mother’s vagina. Period. Other than that… it means NOTHING.  2 down 2 to go. #POW


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