Riddle me this: Why the hell would you plug a reality show when you’re worried that your MOTHER IS MISSING!? Do you hve NO effin’ respect?? Seriously, Im over here worried like crazy… trying to think happy thoughts and not think about the suspicious behavior regarding my mothers supposed body being found MURDERED and this broad just did a reality show plug. “A Sister’s Bond needs your prayers…” Seriously? Get the fuk outta here!

Im telling you… I meant what I said when I defined sister on my FB status a few days ago… For those who were unable to see it… “Sister: a bitch not worth the air she breathes. #killurself” Only a heartless person would be focused on how our mother’s disappearance could boost ratings and # of fans for this reality show. A heartless, evil, conniving, vindictive, dramatic bitch. The end.

For her sake… my mother better be ok.


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