Hello World!

It is official! I am now a part of the WordPress family! Yaaaaay! I am so glad you all stopped by and I hope you enjoy reading about my life just as much as (or more than) I enjoy living it.

Just a brief intro:

I am 24-years old. I have 2 beautiful and amazing children, ages 4 and 3. I am the wife of a wonderful man and we have been married nearly 2 years. We were high school sweethearts and I love him more today than EVER before. We had a little stint in Atlanta but after 3 months of country livin’, we relocated back to Miami because the hubby got offered a better job here. Home Sweet Home.

I am the 5th of 9 children (different mothers, different fathers). I have 3 sisters and 1 brother OLDER than me, then there’s me, and then 3 brothers and 1 sister YOUNGER than me. Our relationship is hmmm… strained… for lack of a better word. They strain themselves trying to get on my nerves and I keep it moving. LOL Not all of them… just the first ones my mom popped out. The last 4 are much better… probably because they’re younger and less interested in gossip, more inclined NOT to believe everything they hear, and more genuine in their dealings with me. Gotta love those that live above the influence. I should buy them all those lame tshirts with the arrow pointing up from those above the influence commercials. Hmmm… good idea.

My mother is a dope fiend, crack head, drug addict, bad mother…. whatever you wanna call her. Recently, she did a stint in Ga also…. after being sober for 1 month a couple of idiots got together and allowed her to come back to Miami for a week to “visit”. Needless to say, she didnt get back in the car to return to her sobriety. After being completely ecstatic about my mother FINALLY getting clean, a few of the children she popped out ruined my dream, crushed my happiness, and broke my heart (One of the ONLY times they have been able to accomplish such a feat). Knowing them, thats probably why they allowed her to come back anyway. SMH #screwthem

My father was Ike Turner in a previous life… these days, he’s an average Joe. Working hard, working out harder. I love my daddy… rumor has it, he’s ONLY my daddy and not the biological father of the other 2 he semi-raised. SMH I dont mind… we’re the closest anyway. THESE DAYS. We get along great… and have come to a unified <<unspoken>> understanding about the other people in this family. I used to wonder why he distanced himself from everyone… assuming Ike was a little screwed up in the head… BUT then my eyes were opened to the truth and I have come to adapt that “dont mingle with evil” attitude as well. Like father, like daughter I suppose. Eh.

All in all… Im making this blog just because… because I live a pretty interesting life, because I have interesting children, because my marriage is worth reading about (good and bad), because Im cute, because mi familia es loco y es stupido, because my friends are a riot, and because I want to. Mainly because I want to =)

Enjoy… visit, read, and COMMENT!


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